..... Mini Heath .....

Mini Heath lives in the Hunter Valley, in NSW, Australia, near his people's original land. He has been working as an artist for the past 20 years. His career began at art school and continued as a commercial artist in the advertising industry which he left to concentrate on his own work.

Mini Heath was the inaugural NSW Aboriginal Artist of the year in 1985. His work has been collected by the Australian National Gallery, and is in many other collections.

Mini uses a mixture of traditional and modern symbols in his art and views himself as a contemporary Aboriginal artist. He is motivated by the need to preserve local Aboriginal sacred places and sites, and the native flora and fauna which in Aboriginal culture are bound together. He is an active member and educator of the Aboriginal and white communities amongst whom he lives and works.

Mini Heath has contributed a number of art works to Stringybark Graphics which have been used to create screen prints for our clothing. Mini Heath's designs include the Platypus, Octopus, Emu, Serpent and Echidna.

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