..... About Us .....

Who Are We?...

Stringybark has been printing fabric with slightly loud, wacky and 'in yo face' Australian designs since 1989.

We like to have fun and make a small statement to the world while we're doing it. The serious side to our design is that our natural environment surounds and supports us and that we as people need to respect and protect it.

About Production ...

 We have a small graphics design team who create the images which are then hand screen printed onto unbleached cotton. Designs include images by a local Aboriginal Artist
Mini Heath (Emu,Serpent, Platypus).

Stringybark print and cut all the fabric, the garments are then made by a local lady, with her own specialisation. Stringybark clothes are made with a sense of fun and with care.

We try to be environmentally sensitive in our production and use natural fibres (including some Hemp), unbleached if possible, and water based dyes with organic pigments.

We like our customers to email us their ideas for new designs and comments, so please do - and if you have a nice photo of you n your Stringybark gear we love to pin it up on our photo board.

The products and processes we use are environmentally friendly.

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